A bungalow is typically a one or one and a half story house with a wide and generous
porch.  While many house can be referred to as a bungalow, it is the Craftsman
bungalows of about 1900 to 1920 that interest me the most.  With design and
philosophical roots in the Arts and Crafts movement, they were extremely popular in
California during this time period and were constructed with a number of interesting
and unique design details.

In Sacramento, California this period of popularity coincided with a building boom in
some of the flood prone areas of town, before the construction of protective levees.  
This resulted in a variant of the Craftsman or California Bungalow that is referred to as
a high water bungalow - as they were built with the first living floor several feet above
ground level in anticipation of flooding.  Some may feel that this detracts from the
otherwise low natural ground-hugging front elevation these houses had in other
areas.  Those who have sat on the generous porches high above the sidewalk and
watched the world going by know that this feature provides aesthetic benefits as well
as the intended flood protection.  Now that the area is protected by levees, the
originally unfinished basements have been converted to living space by many happy

The bungalow photo essay here shows only a few of the excellent examples to be
found in the downtown Sacramento area.
Craftsman Bungalows